King of Europe Series: Europe has a new Drift-King!

King of Europe Series: Europe has a new Drift-King!


The 2014 Monster Energy King of Europe Drift ProSeries has proved to be an incredible year, with 8 events spanning throughout Europe including Italy, France, Romania and Poland. Valencia would make the end of the 2014 season, and what a final it proved to be!


Every round has seen drivers fight super-hard to get on the podium this year, and the race for the title went right down to the last event. Special guest for the event – Vaughn Gittin JR – drove like a man possessed during qualifying, taking 1st place overall out of 32 drivers attending.


Adam Kerenyi was knocked out in the Top 8 battle, but he’d scored enough points to be crowned King of Europe Champion for the 3rd time in his career. Francesco Conti quickly went through all of his opponents, eventually meeting up with Vaughn Gittin JR in the final battle. Eventually, the Monster Energy athlete scored the perfect win, leaving Conti down in 2nd place.


With KW Drifter Adam Kerenyi in 1st place overall this year, Francesco Conti (also KW-equpped) took second place or the 2nd time in his career, and Adam Frank finished the season on position 3.

The final KoE video is still in the editing so we present you in the meanwhile the video of the Drift Battle in France…


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